Monday, January 5, 2015

Hiking For a Year-The Start 1/3/15

                                                 Tamales Bay State Park

I have to say this is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done.  Located in Marin County, CA.  I read a little history on the place before we went.  This area was originally inhabited by the Coast Miwok people They inhabited the area for 3,500 years.  They made a living fishing, digging for clams and oysters, collecting edible and medicinal plants, and hunting game for food and clothing.  Most of the Miwok died from disease brought by the Spanish settlers.

Before we headed out for the hike, we made a stop at the Marin French Cheese Company for some cheese tasting and to pick up a little cheese.

We started our hike at Heart's Desire Beach and walked across the wonderful picnic are by the water to the start of our trail-Johnstone Trail.  We stood in awe as we approached the stairs that lead to out hike.  It was like walking in to a secret garden with the sides of the trails laden with lush ferns. I think I must have said oh my gawwd or wow!  a hundred times before we got to the top of the stairs
The trail itself was moderate with a few inclines.  There were many secluded picnic areas along the way.
The hike was lush with vegetation.  Mostly ferns but a few other plants that I need to identify.  The trees were all in very strange shapes and it made me feel that I had stepped into another world. I could feel my lungs open up to the clean moist air. and the bushtits sweet song as the flitted through the trees made me smile and feel alive.

Sadly we could not do the whole 8 mile loop because the recent rains had turned part of the trail into nothing but mud.  We manage to get over one patch but then we hit a large section that was all mud and decided this might be a better hike for the spring.  Ended up at one of the many beaches on this hike..Jepson Beach.  The water was so clear!  Until recently there was company called Drakes Oyster Farm and I suspect that the oyster's filtration of the water had something to do with the purity of the water.  The county would not renew Drakes lease even though many locals fought hard for it.
We ended our hike with lunch in Point Reyes Station at Stellina.  A sustainable restaurant that sources all their food locally.

I made trail mix for our hike this time.  The recipe is at;-mix-recipe.print.html

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  1. Thank you a lot for sharing this interesting story! After reading it I also want to visit that ancient place! Photos are wonderful as well.