Sunday, January 11, 2015


Today's hike was a special hike,  It was shorter than we normally hike as we had the family with us and some of them have very short legs and another had to be pushed in a stroller.  So we only clocked in 2 and half miles but enough to stretch our legs and smell the clean air.

Are first siting was the mitten tree.  The littles were in awe that a tree could grow a mitten.
As we have been in a drought for 3 years the lake is very low.  The docks that normally float on the water are no longer even touching the water.  Very sad but at least the littles got some good stair climbing in.
The lake had just been loaded with fish so lots were out fishing...two legged critters and winged critters.
The day was crisp and a little chilly starting out but we quickly warmed up.  There were many beautiful sites.  The lake is so lovely with a little fog hanging in the air.  It gives one a kind of secluded feeling.  All the trees were in their winter mode which added to the feeling of being far away from the crazy city rush.
It was so wonderful to share a hike with some of the most important people in my life.
Another beautiful hike.  Mother nature is such a wonderful thing to experience.  I hope there will always be open space to walk, take in all the smells,  see the growing vegetation,
 and here the birds twitter

We won't be able to hike next weekend but will be back to it in two weeks.


  1. Wow! Lovely photos! Lake is so huge and wonderful! I bet you had a great rest there.