Monday, August 17, 2009

Giving Thanks for a good bounty

Garden News

The time is just slipping thru my fingers, and I am ashamed I have not commented on all the wonderful blogs I follow. To tell you the truth, lately I have had not time to sit back and read, and I miss that. But I have been enjoying myself, working out in the yard, and semi redecorating the house. And of course, as Libby talks about there is that ever so wonderful wine country around us to share with friends. But the bottom line is that as far as creativity I have been verrrry slow...but here is a taste ( or I guess I should say look) of my hard work paying off. For the last month, we have had just enough veggies to use for meals...but now it is coming in strong and it will be time to can soon. We put in corn for the first time this year and what a joy it is to watch it develop! When I was a kid one of our summer chores was to spend the day in the corn fields...picking corn...then coming home to husk or shuck it...the same with blackberries..with the black berries we would come home sick to our stomachs from eating so many...somehow as kids we never minded doing those chores...and of course it meant we would have them thru out the year.
and here is a little tea towel I managed to crank out on my machine...I really like these towel toppers and will probably make more for gifts...that idea is going in my book of things to do that is growing so large...I darn well better stay healthy until I am about 150 :-)

New creations
Here is a little amulet bag I made. It was a lot of fun. I went thru a beading/jewelery phase a few years ago but my beads have been on the top shelf for more than a year. I pulled all my beading supplies down, and what fun it was to string those tiny seed beads that my eyes can barely see anymore...seriously it was fun.
On another note.....I don't use my blog to express my politics...but I just need to emote a little here. Last evening I was out watering and my husband was cleaning the fountain. The fountain slipped crushing his hand in between the wall and the fountain. So I rushed him to the ER and there we sat for 6 hours! For 6 stitches! And believe me you see some very scary things in ER at 2am in the morning. Something has to change. That's all I'm saying and thanks for letting me get that out
Take care .....and hoping this week brings new fun adventures for you.


  1. I envy anyone who can grow their own vegetables. They usually taste so much better than you buy at the supermarket, too. I have no green thumb myself, however.
    Your amulet is great. I love all things beaded, but usually run out of steam by the point where they can be added to a project. I usually just settle for a few beads. But this is great.
    Stay out of the ER! Hope your hubby's hand is better.

  2. That is a good looking crop of veggies.

    Hope Michael's hand is OK:(:( It wasn't Kaiser where you waited was it?