Friday, August 7, 2009

Life Marches On

Meet Sprocket. Sprocket was created from a sock, the bag I made over at my stampin girlfriends house, and now lives with a wonderful co-worker. It was her bday recently and I wanted to make her laugh and laugh she did. One co-worker commented that I had now officially gone over the edge. Aww yes and it feels so good!
Okay on to more serious playin around
A few weeks ago I spent the afternoon with my stamping girlfriend. I like to keep handmade cards on hand, for those special moments. These cards are what I created that afternoon. I am not into stamping too much but I do love spending time with my girfriend creating and sipping wine. These were made on glossy paper..stamped with veratex (sp?) leave an image...then various colors were rolled on with a brayer, I love the outcome and will try it again adding more elements.

Future purses! I am not a purse person..but I love making them. Weird huh?

The purse on the far left will be finished today. I love this one. The single sheet on the left is dryer sheets fused together with rose petals from my garden, and then fused to hand painted duck canvas. I think I will use this in the body of a purse. The one on the right is something I made for Terri's class, painting on duck canvas. This will probably turn into a tote bag as well as the other piece I posted from Terri's class. This weekend I will start another bag flap...with a little paris flavor...stay tuned!
It will be canning time soon...I may have to get creative and come up with some nice jar labels for giving to friends and family.
Well here is a month's worth of posting all wrapped into one. Hope your eyes weren't droopin!
Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. I also enjoy making purses, but am not a purse person myself. Love your cards and the sprocket is great...and that free fall over the edge sure is a nice ride sometimes (laughing)!

  2. I am on to those dryer sheets, missy, and have been hoarding them for months. Just you wait!

  3. Libby...LOL...Michael thought I had lost it when I asked him to not throw out the dryer sheets.