Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinners, Classes, and Sewing

I don't have any pictures to post, but I have not disappeared. Pictures will come soon as I have been busy finishing a quilt for my nieces first birthday, and making purses for the art show in December, as well as playing around with mixed media.
I love doing theme dinners. After attending a Zydeco/Cajun Fest out at Ardenwood Farm, that genre has become my new fad. So this Sunday I decided family dinner would be a theme dinner with Zydeco music and Cajun food (with some Mardi Gras beads thrown in). I love doing theme dinners! The problem is that the Whole family showed up this Sunday. Which was fine at the start. The gumbo was in the slow cooker and my hubby had just fired up the grill for the blackened salmon. Zydeco music was a thumping and the beads were a swaying. Everyone had just arrived and was gathered around the patio mega table. When it started to pour! It does not rain here in September! So all of us scrambled to lug everything into my little house with Zach's play pen taking 20 minutes to set back up. How many people does it take to set up a play pen? Those things drive me crazy! All worked out but things were a little hectic for a while. Salmon turned out fine in the grill pan. Sweet potatoes were the only casualty ...they were forgotten in the oven and blackened sweet potato fries is not my cup of tea.
Classes and Sewing
I have started taking a quilting class on Tuesday nights and a sewing class on Wednesday nights at the San Lorenzo Adult School. It is good to be back in class and laughing with all the wonderful ladies. Tonight is my first night back at quilting and we of course will have a new quilting instructor. Not sure what it will be like yet. My sewing class is more work on your own projects with an instructor to help. That class will be nice as I will have 3 hours of studio time with no other distractions! I will use that time to its fullest so stay tuned for posts of new creations. My first project is to make a cute little jacket. The only clothes I have made are those flannel lounge pants. So we will see how it goes.
Going to the Bay Area Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Fest this Saturday. It's nice because I am the only quilter in my group of friends so this fest has something for everyone

Don't give up on me! Am still here, just working hard and having fun!

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  1. Sorry about your rain during your dinner...sounds like it was crazy trying to regroup after that! But imagine the great memory it will make and the laugh you'll have down the road about it.

    Three whole hours without distractions, to just sew, sounds amazing!