Friday, May 29, 2009

East Bay Regional Trail Challenge

My husband and I have signed up to do the East Bay Trail Challenge. The challenge requires that you hike a total of 26.2 miles by December 1. We started the first leg last Saturday at Sycamore Valley Regional Open Space Preserve in Danville, CA. This was a short 2.2 mile hike but had lots of steep hills so it was a good workout. We packed in our lunch and had it beneath these nice trees . There was thistle all around us which the bees seemed to love. This is a great hike but I would not do it on a hot day as there is very little shade. The strange thing about this hike is that the trail head starts at an Elementary School, and unless someone told you or you read it in a hiking book you wouldn't know it was there


Normally I don't post pictures of my cats on my blog, but I had to post this as it gave hubby and I a good laugh. This is our new cat Sky.

What I am doing

I am taking a mixed media collage class at Two Creative Studios with Terri Stegmiller and it is a blast. Terri really does a great job with information and feed back. I am also continuing to work in my work book and almost have a piece done using photos..this one was easy because the photo and sketch is provided in the book as a practice but I have sketched out a photo for the second piece so it will be more of challenge. I have also been asked to share a booth at the Art College in Oakland to sell the little embroidery purses I make so that will keep me busy.
Other than that just trying to keep the weeds out of my garden and cat hairs down to a minimal

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