Friday, May 15, 2009

Not getting there fast but I getting there

I haven't had time to post lately. I have been putting in the spring veggie garden and planning a surprise party for my husband's 60th birthday. All very time consuming leaving little time to be creative (my spare time goes to visiting my ever so wonderful new grand baby), but I have managed a few things. Last weekend I decided to go to my husband's band gig at B Street and did not want to take a big ole purse so I made this little bag. I have to add that I am very into Asian design, along with Art & Crafts so I lean that way with almost everything I do.
and I finally finished the Autumn quilt cross stitch.
my first art quilt which turned into a little pillow...I used overlap and texture..the first techniques in my art quilt work book..
and attempt at string art which replaced my great grandmother's crochet doilie...contemporary? No one has said a
I have signed up for some online fabric art classes and will be going back to my quilting class after the summer (back to show and tell :-). Right now I am working on creating little art quilts from pictures...the second chapter in workbook and will be posting that soon...this one is not a series but just a practice piece in the book...I have been looking at pictures in Flickr and have a great idea for the next art quilt in the series.
Please leave constructive reviews of my creations. No need to comment on my photo shooting skills...I am working on it :-)

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