Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quilts, Health and Cats

Quilts and Stuff
This vacation I have made a tea cozy from Asian fabric. The pattern is from the magazine Asian Fabric, quilting and designs ideas. Unfortunately the instructions did not make sense to me at 7:30 in the morning and I cut the fabric all wrong..stitched it and then discovered that I had cut it wrong. Had to rip it out and start again but managed to save much of the fabric. One of the things I learned taking art classes it that you need to be aware of what you are doing, and this vacation has brought that all home. I sometimes just start doing something without thinking it thru first. Anyway I will post a pic once I get the binding on. It did come out nicely once I got my head on straight. I also made Zach another quilt. Very bright with lots of textures. The border is plush fabric which was not easy to work with, but I managed to get it on straight. I stitched in the ditch along the border. I used my machine to embroidery the spotted cow and I think it fits right in with the dotted fabric. This is not a very good pic, again I was not thinking about the angle and the hubster was holding it up for me. I post my pics on flickr and get good comments on them, was just in a rush with this one.
Also got the binding cut out for the circle wall quilt which I hope to finish today, and post a pic sometime soon. My next project will be to finish the I Spy quilt for my little niece. Then am gonna take a break from quilts and work with my new design workbooks, in different mediums. Small things like journals, etc. I have been working on some Zentangles, the idea coming from Scrappy Cats blog. A lot of fun and good for meditation.
I had minor surgery on my vocal cords for the condition I have, so have been out of it the last few days. The anesthetic is not leaving my body as fast as I had hoped.
We brought home a new cat that my son could not care for because of the new baby. We are having some adjustment problems with the established male cat and the new male cat. I am thinking they are establishing their hierarchy for the female cat. So I keep them separated much of the time and give them short burst together. So far it is about 15 minutes before the start fighting. It is a little frightening because we are such a quiet family. I am hoping it works out. I will be patient, and weather the scratches on my arms for a while. Any advice is much welcome.
Happy Passover to those of you who celebrate the holiday, and those of you who are thinking about it. Am off to pin the binding on the circle quilt...I really hate binding.

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