Friday, April 10, 2009

House Cleaning

Taking new directions is really okay

I have discovered over vacation that I will plan to do one thing and end up doing something altogether different, and that that for me is really the best thing. I had decided to clean house today, so that next week could be spent finishing up projects. Not sure how it started, was washing the dishes, and all of the sudden I had this urge to clean out the cabinets. So rather than doing a whirl wind house cleaning, I pulled everything out of the food cabinets, tossed expired and unidentifiable stuff , organized everything, washed all the empty storage containers, and wiped down all the cabinets. Oh so much more satisfying than a surface clean of everything in the house. No kidding, there was stuff in my cabinets that expired in '05. Guess I will really never win an award for housekeeper of the year, but then again I don't really care. A little dust never hurt anyone. As they say, my house is not dirty, just lived in.

The other new direction

When we took on a new cat, I was not really aware of how much it would take to integrate "Sky" into our happy little family. But I have started to see some progress. I think everyone is really confused right now with their cat role. Our girl cat, "Sushi" better known as " Sue Sue" has started hissing at our established cat "Smokey" which totally confuses him. It's almost like she says two guys are too many, so just stay away from me. Smokey and Sky can last at most 45 minutes before they start circling, hissing and fall into a tumble of flying fur. But that period is up from no minutes to 15 minutes to 25 minutes. So it is progress. Sky decided to "mark" last night, on our bed no just as we were going to bed and all tired, we discovered his little territorial surprise, and had to strip the bed. So another new direction today is washing sheets, down comforter, down mattress pad, and the mattress pad. We purchased a front loader washing machine not too long ago, and all I can say is thank goodness or I would be spending my day, and my money at the laundry mat.

I got the binding all sewn on to the front of the circle wall quilt and half hand-stitched to the back. I am really excited to hang it as I know it will go really well in the living room and kind of add an eye catcher in there.

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