Monday, March 2, 2009

Time is limited

I was back at work for 3 days and then got called in for jury duty. That is where I have now been for the last week and half. I will have to re-adjust to working a full week, and it is tempting to never go back. Of course that would mean no more trips to the fabric or craft more belonging to wine clubs, and probably no more eating anything but rice and beans. It also means that I have not been exercising on a regular basis. The case is a little too close to feelings I have, so by the time I get home I am exhausted. So, between Hawaii court duty and jury, life has been a little unsettled. New grandbaby soon to arrive so a lot of my energy will be going to helping out. A three week vacation is coming up soon, and I hope to get some projects done then. One of my must do projects will be to re-organize my sewing and crafting room. That is a least a week project. Send me any of your ideas! The room is also our office so I have to incorporate both to flow together.

New stuff

The best part of jury duty, or maybe the that the courthouse is very close to JoAnn's Fabrics and craft store. The other evening coming home I just happened to have a 40 percent coupon in my purse, and I bought myself a large cutting mat...oh how wonderful! I had hinted to the hubster that I wanted that mat for Chanukah, along with a large embroidery hoop for my BLE, but he didn't get the hint. Instead he got me an IPOD dock and a portable DVD player. But what joy those turned out to be. Both are in my sewing now I can watch movies as I sew....of course I can't watch movies with subtitles, but sewing and watching heavy duty movies just don't go together.


This was on of the best weekends I have ever had, well maybe not the best but close. On Saturday we went urban wine tasting with friends. But before we went wine girlfriend and I did some crafting together. She is very into I stamped some fabric squares for a purse I am making. And then we made explosion boxes which I just love. It is hard to describe but it is a box that when you lift off the lid is flaps open and on each flap you put a pic or a saying..I will post pics when I get more time. Then we all headed out for wineries in our strange to do urban wine tasting...a whole different feeling than tasting out at the vineyards..One winery was in an old submarine repair warehouse...they have one room where they put local artists' two treats in one. We also tasted chocolate at Charles Chocolates in Emeryville...oh so wonderful smells! Then had dinner in Old Oakland....What a wonderful ..full day! Sunday was raining and hubster was doing the I just sewed and sewed and sewed...finished the paneled purse and the wall quilt top...gonna start the sandwich tonight...there again the great thing about being right by JoAnns...have to get more batting and the fabric for the back....Will post pics soon. have to be at court by 2 this more witness and then we go to deliberation...

take care and please do send me ideas re organizing.

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