Friday, February 20, 2009

Hawaii has taken my heart

oh so hard to come home to the cold! Don't get me wrong...I love the bay area and will probably always live here. But oh so wonderful Hawaii has taken my heart. The pace and the weather suited my temperment, and I don't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. One thing I realized is that I had no idea how a pineapple grew! It's funny the things we never think about, like how our food grows. Even the birds are happy...take a look! The husband was thrilled and made sure the bird had food on our balcony. Kept asking him if he heard of the bird flu. But you gotta love a man who is so tender hearted.

The flora is fantastic.

The hibicus is the state flower. I grow 2 plants on my patio, but they are not as beautiful as in their native tropical weather. We got caught in a rain storm driving down the road and could not do anything but follow the car in front of us. Very unnerving, but at least it was warm rain!

I have not done any sewing or crafting for 3 weeks and it is about time I got back to it. I have a new wall hanging in the works and will post it when I get the borders on. I am really pleased with it. The Chat Noir cross stitch is almost done ( I had 5 hours on the plane to work on it) and I will make the frame for it and post that soon too. But the house was calling for a major clean today, and I had a ton of office work so no sewing today.

I bought a little cookbook to try out some Hawaiian recipes, so I am excited about to try those out. That's about all the reading I have done except for work. I did buy a book on making crochet leis. have no idea what I will do with them but it looked like too much fun.

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  1. So glad you liked Hawaii. I think it is impossible not to be relaxed there. Can't wait to see the wall hanging and the frame for your Chat Noir cross stitch.