Sunday, February 1, 2009


Friends coming over for Superbowl. Am not a big football fan...just love being with my friends. Did not get much sewing done this weekend. How come it is so much work to go away from home for a week?

For years and years there was a woman at work that hated me...never figured it out. Then about 3 years ago we both joined a exercise class at work and suddenly we began to talk and then we became friends....funny how those things happen. You have to look harder in some people to find out what makes them tick. Well thank goodness we became friends because she has been a big help in the setup for court in Hawaii....I made this card for her last night as a thank you. The fabric on the flowers and leaves is from fabric she brought back for me from Hawaii when she went for the court last year.

More reflections

When I wonder why the heck I live in the bay area, all I have to do is take a short trip to the ocean and look with awe at God's creation.

These were taken at Half Moon Bay, CA

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