Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zach's 1st birthday quilt

Birthday gift for my grandson

I was going to wait until this quilt was done to post but I am trying to get back in to posting on a more regular bases (and leaving comments). I had originally decided not to quilt but tie this quilt but the butterfly and caterpillar as other features were crying out to be quilted so I spent new years eve day basting and oh did my back pay for it (the picture was taking before basting). It's all worth it tho when you are making it for someone you really care about. I hope to make a little y0-yo caterpillar to go with it. I have to have this done by March 8th then it is on to finishing the wedding quilt for my son and soon to be daughter-in-law. Then I will be free to do some me sewing. Are there ever enough hours in the day?

Found Recipe Binder progress

Because of the holidays we have had so much leftover food there has been no need to cook. But I plan to get back to it by next week.


What can I say..I have been somewhat of a slug. But now that the holidays (can I just blame everything on the holidays?) are over...and after my throat procedure next week am gonna go full force. We are off to hike at the coast today so that counts for something. I will post any interesting coastal shots I get in the next blog.
wishing everyone a creative and peaceful day

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