Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year Resolution

Workbooks and Resolutions

I am starting early. I was going to give myself a break during the holidays. But like they say there is no time like the present! So here goes ...and if you catch me slipping let me know. Besides the normal take better care of myself , stay in better contact with friends and family..which is an on again off again situation with me....I have decided on three resolutions : 1) is to work through the 5 or 6 workbooks I have on sewing, paper quilts, art quilts and mixed media. Not necessarily completing all of the projects...if there are projects that I don't like or won't be used..I am allowing myself to skip those. 2) work through the binder of recipes I have accumulated through the years. Sorry my dear family :-( .. and create a family cookbook with pictures of the gatherings. 3) exercise at least 5 times a week ( am wondering if the above other two resolutions will be an excuse to not do number 3 resolution, it's a good excuse right?)
The first 3 months will be tough to keep the resolutions because I have to do a major overhaul of my home in preparation of my sister coming for my son's wedding, completing some home decor projects I have started, and quilting and binding my grandson's first birthday quilt and my son and soon to be wife's wedding quilt.
I will be posting progress....sans pictures of my exercise progress :-) So please comment and remind me what I blogged here. Hoping everyone will have a happy and healthy new year. And that all you crafters and artists will continue to create the beautiful products that keep me ever in awe.

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  1. Those are some great resolutions. Good luck with them and I wish you a happy and successful 2010.