Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Wonderful First Day of Vacation

The concept of vacation has not set in yet, but I am off to a good start. We drove up to the Santa Cruz mountains with our dear friends for some wine tasting and a picnic at Silver Mountain Winery. The winery overlooks Monterey, with tall pine trees all around. The winery is so peaceful! As well as tasting their wonderful wine, they had all kinds of noshing food, knishes, lox on sour dough, pate, mini crab cakes, you get the picture. This was all for free. One of our friends brought his camera, as did I and after tasting we set up our picnic and spent the afternoon eating, talking, and taking pictures. What a wonderful day! We tried for over an hour to take a picture of a tiny lizard, but just as we would get the cameras set, he would scurry away. I even but out some fruit to get him to make a longer appearance, but no luck....he probably was up on his hind legs with arms waving in the air when we left. We left with peace in our hearts and oh so content.


Got home and I spent the evening organizing all my patterns into binders and I know what I have! and I have made a pact with myself that I do not NEED to buy or print out anymore patterns. Too much just makes me crazy, and sets me up with failure that I cannot finish them all. So I will work with what I have (or so she says, HA!)


We lit candles and turned out all the lights for an hour of Earth Hour. I ended up tripping in the dark and now have a bruise on my leg. But we did find that by turning everything off, we actually talked to each other! Amazing.

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