Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Life Right Now

I have been sewing and have finished 2 purses and almost done with the wall quilt.(pics coming) Organized the office/sewing room but my focus right now is on my wonderful family. Here is a pic of two of my beautiful grandkids. LiL Zach and Kaitlynn. Zach is about 6 hours old in this picture. We should always count our blessings. My family will always be my priority. It's what makes the world go around.
Whew...organizing the office/sewing room was an all day project. Still not done. I want to paint the closet behind my sewing station and rid the file cabinet of the 1989-2000 papers. Yikes! how did we ever get this cluttered? I have pictures of when we first moved here....we had nothing!

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