Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Projects

I had to come to work today. I think I must be the only one because the train was empty. But it is slow here and that allows me to dream up new projects and make sketches.
Besides sandwiching ...quilting and binding my son's quilt (see previous blog), and finishing the binding on the baby blanket here are my first projects for the new year.
I owe this one to quiltedcraftsman aka LFF (see bloggers I follow). Besides sewing and quilting I also love to do needle work and woodworking, and I emailed LFF about trying to combine all creative loves. LFF suggested making frames or hangers for my small quilts and I loved the idea. That got me thinking about making my own frames for my needle work. The cross stitch I am currently working on is Chat Noir. I came up with an idea to do a window w/shutters frames...and I started looking at photos of provence style windows (again a suggestion from LFF) and oh how excited I am! I saved several pictures of the windows and will do sketchs once the Chat Noir is done. The other 2 needle works are of stained glass window...will do a window box frame for those. Will post pics as I progress. Any suggestions are welcome. I am very excited about these projects because I have a ton of power tools but have not made anything with them in ages.
The other project is organizing my sewing corner in the home office. I took a "before" pic and will post that soon with what my first step will be. Again...any and all suggestions (unless you suggest I just give up) are welcome.
The last project is a wall quilt that flashed into my head as my husband and I had dinner last night in an Irish grill and pub in SF...they had a bunch of stained glass windows hanging and I sketched the pattern (this is one took any notice of me drawing as I DH just asked me if I was making a list for him to do the shopping when he was off today :-) )because I could just see it as a quilt.

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  1. Good thinking on taking the sketch. I have actually started to carry around my camera too!

    I can't wait to see those frames. Think window, window, window and A & C!