Sunday, February 1, 2015


The hike this week was a nice relief from out drought stricken state.  Waterfalls and creeks were abundant and such a welcome site.  Uvas Canyon County park is nestled in upper Uvas Canyon on the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Morgan Hill.  While there were some hills to climb and some very narrow trails as well as crossing a creek on rocks (help from my grandson was greatly appreciated) that got this old person thinking about balance, the hike was very pleasant.  The day was beautiful, warm but not hot.  The trails were shaded with California bay, madrone, tan oak, and Douglas fir.
Later there was chapparal, buck eye, California bays, coyote mint, Redwood, and California nutmeg.  For a canyon there seemed to be very little fern growing.  I am curious to find out why that is.
The waterfalls and creek, however were the highlight.  It was reassuring to know there is water flowing somewhere.  Yep that's me in my A's cap and pink backpack.  Turns out the three of all wore our A's caps.  It wasn't planned but it was a nice family touch.  A couple of times other hikers passed us saying let's go A's!  Ha!

We had an after hike meal at Original Joes in San Jose.  Original Joes is an old Italian restaurant and a blast from the past and the food was excellent  and the company was the best!  Two of my guys, things could not get better! 
This hike is about an hour and 15 minutes from where I live but I am so glad we made the trek. 



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