Friday, January 15, 2010

Photography, Cards and Renovation

I really love the look and feel of working with paper. What's even better is when the paper is fabric backed and hand painted. There is something about it that I can't explain. Each piece is different and the options are all up to you. I have discovered that I love to experiment with paint and different media to achieve a look that will never come out the same again. I have taken some on line classes and have many workbooks to work my way thru (part of my New Year resolution) and I find myself really looking forward to it. I plan to set up a table in the garage for painting, etc. as I am very sloppy when it comes to paints and glue. Everything about using this method is trial and error, and I find that kind of exciting. Of course creating with fabric will always be my number one love but this way I can combine the two things I love to do the most. One of things I have realized is that your supplies and tools need to be out and organized so that when the mood hits you can go for it. I don't know how many times I have had the creative bug and didn't act on it because I had to drag stuff out of closets and cupboards. All that being said ...hear is my second attempt at fabric backed paper, and torn paper image. I intentionally left the card itself open with just a light brushing of gold dye-n-flow because the teapot itself is so busy. The teapot is torn washi paper, then white-washed and dabbed with gold paint. I still have some work to do on the inside but am waiting for it to speak to me..LOL.

I just made a appliqued pillow that perfectly matches a quilt I made years ago and took a most wonderful picture of my cat Sky in the rocking chair with the quilt and pillow. Cat Smoky is sitting very erect next to the rocking chair. Only problem is ..their eyes look like demons! I tried everything I could to correct it but couldn't ....Help!

Hope everyone has a creative and peaceful weekend.

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