Friday, July 10, 2009

The Garden and Such

I have a lot of different passions. Nature has to be on the top of my list. Lucky for my husband, and much to the displeasure of some of my women neighbors, I love to do yard work. I work at home on Fridays, so I had a choice of taking a break to sew or do yard work. The sun was out and I have new gardening gloves, new gardening clogs, and a new blade for the lawn edger ( and I question if it is strange I get excited about those things). The yard won out, as it always will when the sun it out. I threw on a CAL cap, grabbed my ipod, put on those new clogs and gloves (which my the way coordinate) and headed out. What is very strange about suburbia is that if you go out and start doing yard work (the same with washing your car)....half of everyone that is home will come out about 15 minutes later. I tend to think it is the guilt us suburbians suffer from, or is it the Joneses complex? I was thinking today as I edged the lawn, how in my so called hippy days I laughed at people like me, as everyone knows your lawn should grow free and wild! The same thing went for your kids and pets. Those were carefree days ...that had some really good points...and some not so good points... is my passion only exceeded by my love for my's not exactly Little House on the Prairie but I am working on that...I can walk outside and pick my own own berries...and my own veggies. but no live stock...I detest chickens...and as I live in surburbia...horses..cows...goats, etc. are out. But I had them all as a kid so I have great memories.
Enjoy a walk in my escape from the big city. Take a walk on the wild side.

I did not forsake my sewing. I did almost finish quilting a new purse I designed.

p.s. I really do get my office work done also.

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  1. Your garden is glorious! And I wish I was picking my own veggies,fresh herbs and berries. I have no green thumb whatsoever.
    Maybe your neighbors are like me, hoping someone will slip them the fresh "extras" from your garden! Maybe that's why they poke around outside every time you're out there (laughing).