Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wallie World...A guilt trip?

My husband and I do not shop at Walmart. Please forgive me for those of you that do, I am not passing judgment here. We don't shop there for our own moral reasons. Yes things are cheaper and we are all for a bargain. But very few of us stop to think why those things are cheap, and if they are even safe. Because you know they are either made in poor countries by children trying to stay alive or in China which does not seem to care about the safety of a product. Those countries just crank out stuff. It's kinda like when you eat that nice juicy hamburger you are not thinking about Bessie out in the pasture grazing on green grass or worse in a stockyard eating corn and wading in its own ...yuck. That being husband...never waivers from his ethics...that is why I love him...he is a very moral man who stands by what he believes. So please don't let him know that I ...the strong believer in how one should conduct ones self....had a lapse yesterday. I had a lot to do...and had a ton of laundry after the new cat's marking that this is his home....we were out of fabric softener I got ready to go to the store...the thought popped into my head that Walmart was just 5 minutes away ....where as Target was about 15 minutes away....I fought with myself but WAllie World won...does that make me a lesser person? Is that what it boils down to, just what ever is easier that the kind of person I am??? Well I think I learned my lesson, Walmart no matter how cheap, how close is not my thing.....for one thing..the first thing I noticed was that it had an air of entertainment....the kids acted as if it was a trip to the park, and ran amok...and the adults seemed to have a frantic air of mass consumption...people cut me off without a thought...and the checker seemed to be in a daze...I came out in a cold sweat..and won't be going back. I know that everyone has to make ends meet and that I don't have 4 kids to feed. If I did maybe I would think differently, but I don't think so. I was a single mom for many years and held fast to what I believe. I watched the local business's that I love go out of business as Walmart came into being here. I think I will stick with what I believe and kick myself the next time I thing about straying.

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