Friday, April 24, 2009


The Circle Quilt

Finished at last. You will have to forgive the angle I had to take of the quilt. I searched for 20 minutes for a good place to hang it for picture taking. It's place of honor is slightly behind the TV and the whole quilt could not be seen. My house is small with not a lot of good walls for taking pictures. The place of honor for Libby's quilt has a hanger but is too small for this quilt to hang. So on the floor it went. I am rather proud of it even with the mistakes I can see with my picky eye.

Tea Cozy

I have a collection of teapots. Not because we collect them but could not seem to find the perfect teapot so I have a whole corner case filled with teapots and related accessories. The tea cozy was a pattern from Asian Fabric Magazine. It was oh so east and I love it! Well it was easy once I read the patten instructions all the way thru. There was some seam ripping in there also. I did not quilt it as I kinda liked it plain.

And a bit of Nature

I took this pic on a walk at Oyster Bay Regional Park which is a unofficial do park near the San Leandro Marina. The amazing thing about this picture is that this park was a one time park of the city dump (or sanitation site, if you wish) now it flourishes with wild flowers, trees, and birds, also I saw several jack rabbits. There are some newer parts of the park that still look bleak, almost like a war site, but I have faith that nature will overcome that too.

Lastly...a bit of inspiration

This sits next to where my circle quilt hangs and makes me smile whenever I look at the two together. The plant I bought last weekend at Half Moon Bay Nursery, and it makes the house smell sooo good along with the roses I have been cutting from our rose bushes. The roses are prolific this year and I am so happy. The fairy (she has another name but it eludes me right now) was a surprise gift from my son.
That's all for now. Am going to try to finish up the t-shirt I started painting when my gd and I designed tshirts last week, and then start the drawings for the first of my leaf series quilts. Am off to pick up our newest cat Sky from the vet. He had to have a little procedure that I am sure he won't be happy with me about.

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  1. The quilt looks good. Tough to get a good photo huh? Maybe stand on a chair next time? Don't fall though!