Wednesday, March 25, 2009


On a lighter least for everyone but seems in my OCD organization of the home office/sewing room I threw out the strips I had pre-cut for the binding on my new wall quilt. This means that I will have to purchase more fabric andn cut more strips. Why in the heck did I not keep the strips with the quilt.....Well no more...that as been taken care of by my maniac organization..except cannot seem to find my quarter inch marker anywhere...and those dividers, that I bought 2 weeks ago, to organize my patterns have disappeared...did I toss those out to when I was blinded by my mission. Except for missing objects....the Chi is flowing in that just wanna paint the wall behind my sewing table and maybe make a small wall quilt to hang there also. The room is blue but i want that wall to pop..without blinding me...any suggestions??
Oh and I know that when I am writing serious stuff I need to proof read proof read proof read (it's funny for a paralegal, but it is not one of my strong points) my brain works too fast.

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