Friday, December 12, 2008

I told myself last night that today would be a very productive day and I got up early to start it. My first gifts that I will give out for Chanukah are all homemade and today was the day to finish the embroidered cards. All started out well. I made sure I had a full bobbin. Then the fun started. I keep (kept) all my sewing threads on one of those spool racks on the shelf above my sewing table aka old computer desk. About a week beloved Smokey (who is featured in my profile pic) knocked off the thread rack and spools of thread went flying. Smokey thought it was great fun batting around the spools on the hardwood floor. I on the other hand threatened him with a life in the kittie shelter. So I should have learned from that and made other arrangements for my sewing thread but of course I didn't. So already to go with my holiday cards project ...I slipped on the embroidery arm to my machine and Crash! The rack flew off the table and spools of thread went every decided a better idea was to hang the rack on the wall...that led to an obsession with putting each color according to its hue...standing back to make sure I was right and changing the order hour later I was ready to go...then the phone rang ...the phones in the office and living room did not ring but the plug in phone in our bedroom rang...I ran in there...and the phone was no where to be found...after scrambling around trying to locate the ring... I found the phone behind our beloved Smokey had knocked off the phone at some point..and the other phones did not ring because someone and I am not naming names ....had unplugged the other phones somehow...okay so all fixed...I start hooping the stabilizer and in walks my beloved husband...he had gone to the doctor in the morning and decided to stop by home just to tell me hi! sooooo...and don't get me wrong..I love the man...everything was on hold again...finally about 11:30 ...I got the embroidery all done and realized that it did not fit the premade picture mount cards I have...sooo....more time was spent making a card for it to fit is will be in a later blog ....along with how I happened to have the stuff to make a card myself

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  1. Crazy! Good for you in starting your blog. I am looking forward to pics and more adventures!

    Libby F.