Friday, December 19, 2008

Baking Cookies Has a Life of Its Own

Let me preface with the fact I am not a baker. I bake bread in the bread machine and I sometimes make toll house chocolate chip cookies. I am a great cook. I could win one of those cooking channel contest where they are given a set number of ingredients..but I am not a baker. My family is not much on it kinda goes to waste if I don't drag it to work. But this holiday...partially I think I am feeling kinda bah humbug about the whole thing and then feel guilty...I decided to do it up big...home made gifts for everyone..and homemade cookies for friends and today was cookie day. I have just made the uglies cookies you can was a recipe from a local dough ...3 different types of cookies. On recipe tells you to cut the middle out of the cookie and then after they are baked...put them back together.....whaaaa? the little circles stay the same...the other part distorts and there is no it will be jam and cookie crumbs on anyone that dares to eat them....Well...making the dough was a snap...then came looking for my cookie cutters....I pulled out the bottom kitchen drawer..found what I was looking for....started to shove the drawer back in and it would not budge...I pulled out the drawer and behind it..stuffed in the very back...was a bound of was like one of those vaults that they put stuff in for the future generations to see! there were plastic straws from when my grand daughter and I did some project 8 years ago...there were plastic bags from places that no longer exist...there were things I had no idea where they came from (does this hint of not being a great housekeeper?), so cookies are on hold while I dispose of this treasure chest of memories...the rest was just right up there with throw the whole thing in the trash and go BUY cookies....I tried to cut out shapes for the gingerbread cookies and everything just distorted by the time I got it to the cookie sheet....I settled on round cookies and that was okay. The last batch...peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate was really okay...not bad looking I saved face sort of. The dog is now high as a kite on sugar and chocolate droppings and I am sure we have more to look forward tonight...

The house smells nice tho
This is Smokey's "Honest Mom...It wasn't me" face.

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